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New Italian Bistro to open in Newcastle city centre inside former Boots store

A former Boots store has been transformed into a new Italian Bistro.

Sebastino Liosi, 38, Fabiano Fara, 38, and Alonci Davide, 34, have spent the last year renovating the old pharmacy on Saville Place in Newcastle city centre. They have turned the retail unit into an eatery called Liosi's Italian Bistro.

The trio, who are all originally from the south of Italy, are set to serve up Italian-inspired dishes including pasta, pizza, fish and steak. They will also offer breakfast, coffee, sandwiches and salads.

When asked what their speciality was, Fabiano said: "Pasta and wine!"

The business partners pride themselves on using the finest Italian ingredients to create their meals. Shelves inside the bistro are filled with traditional products imported from Italy, which they also sell to their customers.

They will be able to seat 25 diners inside the bistro as well as 25 people on the outside terrace. The premises will open at 7am for breakfast trade and close at 11pm.

It is a second restaurant in the city for Sebastino, who already owns Liosi's Sicilian Cafe Bar at the Newcastle Business Park. The cafe, which opened in 2016, serves authentic Sicilian food on the banks of the Tyne.

He said: "I'm looking forward to opening. It's been a long year but it's come together."

Councillors backed plans to open the new branch of Liosi's, despite initial objections from its neighbours. Nearby businesses initially feared that noise from the outdoor space would bother their clients.

The bistro was required to install sound-proofing measures in the walls between its premises and the sports injury clinic next door.

Liosi's Italian Bistro will hold a special opening night on March 1. The owners will celebrate by offering free tasters of their food as well as a complimentary glass of Prosecco. The event will take place between 5pm and 8pm and anyone is welcome to attend.

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